Horse Riding in Tzoumerka
  groups of 4 people

Horse Riding

In the Pindos Mountains, in the rugged and off the beaten path mountains of Epirus, the "Horses of Pindos", which is a rare breed of horses, have always been considered a friend, a companion and a tool for people along their travelling and transportation.

Pindos' short-bred horses, used to the harsh weather conditions of the area but also to the intense characteristics of the mountains, carried all of what the hard work of the locals had brought as an outcome, creating enviable trade not only in Greece but also in the Balkans and Europe.

The tourist horse riding, an activity appealing to everyone, is the most natural way to bring the visitor closer to nature and complement his experiences by Zagori and Voidomati River, on the borders of the Vikos Aoos National Park, as well as by Tzoumerka and Arachthos River, in Tzoumerka and Arachthos National Park.

Our friendly horses, as well as our crew, will provide you with the first and basic principles of riding and will accompany you on the ride, not only to take your commemorative photos, but to answer all the questions and give the every piece of information that may be useful to you.


Horse Riding in Tzoumerka
  Duration: 50 minutes

In front of the base of VIA NATURA, on the Plaka bridge in Tzoumerka, our horses will take you on the Vidra trail. We cross the Arachthos river while horse riding in an amazing river-side path, having Tzoumerka on the background.

Commemorative photos while riding the horse on the riverbank and of course a shot of tsipouro after action are the essential part of our ideal ride...

Via Natura organizes and carries out various outdoor sports activities in carefully selected areas in Tzoumerka, Zagori. Whether you are just interested in enjoying an outdoor party or even in learning about local history, nature, mythology and culture, you can get in touch with us and try the Via Natura experience!

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