Archery in Tzoumerka
  Area: The bridge of Plaka   Time period: the whole year

Plaka Bridge

For those who want a more gentle activity, archery is a job that will stick to you until the arrow reaches the target.

At our base on Arachthos River on the Plaka Bridge in Tzoumerka, you can set the apple as a target and practice shooting with our bows from whichever distance you desire.

Like William Tellos or Robin Hood, the efforts will come one after the other, as well as the jokes regarding your success… or the lack of it!!!

We will set the goals and provide you with both bows and arrows...

Via Natura organizes and carries out various outdoor sports activities in carefully selected areas in Tzoumerka, Zagori. Whether you are just interested in enjoying an outdoor party or even in learning about local history, nature, mythology and culture, you can get in touch with us and try the Via Natura experience!

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