Rafting in Upper Arachthos

  Route: Krapsi Bridge - Tsimpho Bridge   Time period: November May
  Distance: 12 Km   Difficulty level:   minimum 6 persons

The first sailing route of Arachthos starts from the bridge of Krakia to the Tsimpovo Bridge. The Lakmos mountain range on the left bank, the small but beautiful canyon and, naturally, the stone bridge of "Papastathi" are among the strong points of natural beauty, completing ,with the powerful passage of Arachthos, the fascinating descent.


Rafting in Arachthos Canyon

  Route: Tsibovo Bridge - Plaka Bridge   Time period: November to May
  Distance: 18 Km   Difficulty level: 4rd   minimum 6 persons

The most difficult crossings of the river are at the beginning of this route and are known as "snags" as the rocks in the middle of the river make the descent a bold affair. The route progresses along the ravine below the 11th-century Tsouka Monastery and the “Lysia” wire bridge that connects the two banks of the river.


Rafting in Arachthos Gorge

  Route: Politsas Bridge - Plaka Bridge   Time period: all yearlong
  Distance: 9 Km

The third in the row navigable part of Arachthos is probably the most beautiful in Greece. It is considered an easy route through the Arachthos Canyon:  caves and waterfalls along the way and of course the underground river of Klifki offer the greatest pleasure for your eyes.

We reach the finish line after sailing under the largest single-arched stone bridge in the Balkans with its rich history.


Rafting in Lower Arachthos

  Route: Bridge Plaka - Broom    Time period: November to May
  Distance: 12 Km

A different kind of beauty in the last part of Arachthos as the descent progresses into an open valley with many dynamic passages of 3rd degree difficulty. We get wet under a 15-meter waterfall that falls into the boat and gives us the opportunity for a cold shower.


Rafting in Kalarytikos

Route: Gkogkos bridge – Plaka bridge Time period: November to May Distance: 17 km Difficulty level: 3rd & 4th

Narrow canyon with high slope that requires precision and maneuverability. 3rd and 4th degree of difficulty depending on the water and season on a descent that starts from the Gkogkos Bridge and meets Arachthos after 7km. The descent ends at our base on the Plaka Bridge in Tzoumerka.

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