Canyoning in Tzoumerka
  Time period: all year (depending on the weather conditions)


The gorges are deep cuts into the earth carved out of water, streams and torrents, creating waterfalls and ponds. Crossing these canyons is an activity that requires climbing equipment, as well as special water and cold protective suits (neoprene), which are of course offered by VIA NATURA.

Papapidima Gorge
  Route: Platanoussa    Difficulty level: moderate


The gorge is just above the Tsibovo Bridge on the Arachthos River.

It is a canyon ideal for beginners in Canyoning and easy for the whole family to go through.

There are jumps and flying fox and not too high rappel in six waterfalls with the smallest being at 3.5 meters high and the tallest at 20 meters above the earth. There are escape exits for every occasion, which are very important for our safety, and an easy walk to the start and finish line.

Have fun!!!!

'Cross eagle' canyon
  Duration: 4,30 - 5 hours   Elevation: 740m – 1283m – 240m
  Total route:


In Syrrako, a beautiful village of Pindos with traditional architecture and rich history lays the canyon of Stavraetos. The name comes from the homonymous bird, which is constantly found in the skies of Lakmos and Tzoumerka.

The starting point of the canyoning activity is at the entrance of the village and meets its end at the river Chrousia. Eleven striking waterfalls having great morphological and geological alternations, with the smallest being at 5 metres and the largest at 47 metres (!!!!), will definitely catch you eye… It is a demanding canyon for the experienced, but for anyone who want to test their limits as well, because after the Canyoning we need to walk the river up to our cars.

But the incredible landscape, as it is generally accepted, compensates for our effort.

Note: The route can be easier, if we choose to bypass the large waterfall and use the escape road, while still keeping the magic of this landscape.

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