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Our hotel is placed on the verge between the Greek and Turkish states, when back in the old days Arachthos was the natural border between the two countries. At this border, the old Customs House (Teloneio) in Plaka laid for a long time. Next to it, standing imperious, the largest single-arched stone bridge in the Balkans dominates the area.

The Customs was the undeniable station during the journey of people and products. A century later Teloneio Hotel lays as the station on the journey to Tzoumerka and as the nodal point for your tour and the base for your activities.

The theme of the hotel is the bread. The museum area is full of old exhibits, mainly tools. It is astonishing what an effort someone had to make in order to produce their own bread. The reception table is literally a monastery kneading table. In the signboard the keys to the rooms are sealed, as if their ambition is to seal your stay. The cobs and scythe in the glass. The wooden plows, railings lay on the patio floor.

"On the staircase we find the plaster. And its handrail rests where OTE's cables once went through. The communication between what is up with what is down... "


Enjoy your stay,

Marina & Nikos

Via Natura organizes and carries out various outdoor sports activities in carefully selected areas in Tzoumerka, Zagori. Whether you are just interested in enjoying an outdoor party or even in learning about local history, nature, mythology and culture, you can get in touch with us and try the Via Natura experience!

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