Pindos Kayak & Outdoor Festival 7/11 - 14/11/2020!

Pindos Kayak & Outdoor Festival 7/11 - 14/11/2020!

07 Νοέμ.

In the end of the year, shortly before the dark season, when in Northern Greece the leaves are still blazing in all the shades of yellow and red, takes place the yearly Pindos Kayak Festival. While in other places it’s already cold and dark, here the sun is still warming the land and gifts us paddlers with a magnificent close of season.

Like every year you are invited to profit from the last water on Arachthos and Acheloos river to end your whitewater season in grandiose nature. Accompanied by traditional greek cuisine and hospitality we promise you a wonderful vacation!
The Pindos Kayak Festival 2020 is the opportunity for us Europeans to meet with friends and neighbours from other countries and to talk with them about these strange, difficult and even scary last months and trade stories. An opportunity to realise, that we are not alone in this, that we all sit in the same boat and that we in Europe already achieved many good things. And lastly the opportunity to stand together and take a hopeful look at a better coming year – aided by Tsipouro, Barbecue and paddling!
JOIN US!!!!!!
For more information visit for booking, please contact Nikos Manthos from Via Natura ( at or by phone +30 697 222 3574 & Marina Manthos from hotel “Teloneio” ( at or by phone +30 697 941 9773

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