Night Rafting With August Full Moon In Arachthos 2019

Night Rafting With August Full Moon In Arachthos 2019

In August 1998, Via Natura made the first night descent ever made in Arachthos (Arachthos Gorge).
It has become an institution and so every year we organize the night descent with the full moon of August in the Arachthos Gorge.

This August's nightfall will take place on 4 consecutive days on 14, 15, 16 & 17 August 2019.
Downhill in the river with inflatable boats (rafting), with the companion of the unique light of the full moon !!!
The starting point of the route is the Politsa Bridge and the bridge of Plaka.

In the day many activities, rafting, horse riding, flying fox, archery, relaxation & frappe, swimming in the river and more ..
At night, rafting, fire and music, next to the river ...

At Via Natura camp you can find breakfast for campers, refreshments, ice creams, coffees, barbeque & ... cold beers !!!

Schedule your night off on the Tel: 6972223574 & organize your overnight stay on your scenes in the Via Natura camp

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